Cafe & Restaurant 

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An ancient Greek interior designed hub fused with an international cuisine, trunked out of quality, Viaggio is a Coffee Shop concept with a clear vision to set the trends in gathering friends and family over a meal, shisha or beverages. 

Pampering guests into a mesmerizing episode of a Greek courtyard where people used to gather and indulge in entertainment. 

With exceptional management, customer relations and kitchen fusions, Viaggio raised the benchmark of the coffee shop industry in Cairo.

Established in 2018, Viaggio is a corner store in the daily life of our guests, located in the heart of Heliopolis.

"Caesar went  to his temple after trying a strange plant in the garden, a plant we now call Shrooms. By the first foot Caesar stepped inside, something hit him! Suddenly, colors started to look more vivid, visualizing Gods floating and the place seemed alive around him.

That is when Caesar's Viaggio had begun"

With the help of an integrated team of creative designers, we create identities for ambitious and respectable business owners, embracing the market trends into our designs and providing unique newly born brands with an edge that distinguishes them from competitors as we aim to establish a significant and differentiated presence.